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“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” ~ Graham Greene


One of my fondest childhood memories was watching my mother make quilts by hand. Yes, by hand! I was 7, and this experience sparked my love affair with fashion and developed into a much larger part of my identity over the years. Fashion’s accessibility to everyone as a tool is why I love it.


In April 2019, I left my corporate role to focus on some personal matters. I intended to return to corporate life in 2020. Instead, due to the pandemic, I was forced to slow down, reflect and seize the moment. 2020 served as a much-needed creative outlet and inspired me to pursue one of my first loves growing up - Fashion.

I am Haitian Canadian, and my background has shaped who I am today. It inspired the name - La Canuck Kreyòl. Canuck means Canadian, and Kreyòl means creole in Haitian creole.

La Canuck Kreyòl (La Kuh·nuhk Kree·owl) is a made-to-order/made-to-measure clothing brand that serves as an outlet for self-expression. It embodies optimism and happiness by combining bold colors and prints to create classic effortless silhouettes that are timeless. 


Be it curvy or slim, petite or tall, strong shoulders or a thicker midsection, I want to inspire women to embrace their uniqueness because being us is simply beautiful. Hence why I am dedicated to creating designs without the barrier of size, shape, or body type


 Each piece is designed with the modern woman in mind: bold, fearless, and adventurous.

Join my colorful world and your desires will be sewn into existence.

Debra Da Costa

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